How it works?

Welcome to the Kin KeeperSM Cancer Prevention Intervention training website. I am Dr. Karen Patricia Williams the developer of the Kin KeeperSM Cancer Prevention Intervention. You will be pleased to know that this training is standardized. Since 2006, community health workers, their supervisors and research faculty have taken this training. However, you will be among the first to take our on-line training. Dr. Costellia Talley and I have designed this on-line training and are interested in what you think, what you like and what you think should be changed. Let us know.

The Kin Keeper model was developed based on the natural way women communicate health messages to other females in their families. This way of communicating could be used to influence these family members to participate in cancer prevention, early detection and intervention activities. We hope in establishing a climate of shared responsibility and empowerment you will learn how to instruct other women.

The central focus of The Kin KeeperSM training is to prepare you to instruct your clients and your client’s female family members about the basics of breast and cervical cancer prevention and early detection.

By clicking the agree to participate button, after reading the informed consent, you may immediate begin your tutorial. For your convenience, you can stop at any time and then return to the place where you stopped, you can also retake the assessments.

Thank you so much for being part of the solution to eliminate health disparities.